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UPDATED ON 4/21/2015


2009- Stuck In The Paste (No Breaks) $4.00

Abolitionist- At The Level Of The Ear (self) $4.00

Abolitionist/Fools Rush split (1859) $4.00

Alicja-pop- I Play The Fool (Cert.PR) $4.00

American Lies/Dudes Night split (multi-label) $4.00

The Amistad/New Bruises split (All In Vinyl) $4.00

Ascetic Parade/Beat Noir split (Hosehead) $4.00

Astro Fang- Flesh Hand (Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Awful Man- New Ways To Fuck Off (Dead Broke/It's Not A Phase, Dad!) $4.00

Bad People- Pearls Before Swine (Feral Ward/Feeble Minds/Ut) $4.00

Bear Proof Suit- Science Is Dead (Criminal IQ) $4.00

Blowtops- 64 teeth (Cert.PR) $4.00

Bomber- Mourning EP (Cowabunga/On High) $4.00

Born Liars- Go Back One Day... (Cutthroat) SALE $4.00

The Boys Club- Every Good Boy Does Fine (Hang Up) $4.00

The Brass- Homosapien (Dead Broke) $4.00

Brimstone Howl- Hell Shovel (Cert.PR) $4.00

Burning Bridges- s/t (Get Better/Solidarity/Rad Girlfriend/Behind Punk) $4.00

Button Up!- Scratchin Post (Get Better) $4.00

Capitalist Kids/Ex-Boyfriends split (Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Carbonas- Live At Robshouse (Robshouse) $4.00

Cancers- Dig b/w Moral Net (multi-label) $4.00

Cheap Girls/Above Them split (All In Vinyl) $4.00

Chestnut Road/Panic Attack split (multi-label) $4.00

Closet Fairies/Party Garbage split (Kiss Of Death) $4.00

Comoonfeel- Red Heart Beat EP (Snuffy Smiles) $4.00

Conniption Fitts- Shart Sandwich (Let's Pretend) $4.00

The Copyrights- Crutches (It’s Alive) $4.00

Coward-S/T (Hip Kid) $4.00

Crashbangboom- s/t (ADD) $4.00

Credentials/Dead Uncles split (86'd) $4.00

Credentials/Steelhorse split (Rad Girlfriend/Mindless) $4.00

Cripples/New Luck Toy split (Dirtnap) $4.00

Crow Bait/Nona split (Dead Broke) $4.00

Crumbs/Ridicules split (It's Alive) $4.00

Daniel James Gang- In The City (Affiliated Publishing Situation) $4.00

Dead End- Killing The Messenger (625/bridge/underestimated) $4.00

Dead North/Strong City split (Bloated Kat) $4.00

Don't- 89/Dead End Drive (Dead Broke) $4.00

Everything Sucks- We Suck... (Dead Broke) $4.00

Ergquist 42,069 Seconds With $4.00

Fat Stupids- s/t (No Breaks/Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Festipals- Gold Magic (It's Alive) $4.00

Foreign Objects- S/T (Dirt Cult) $4.00

Friday Knight/Panty Shanty split (PIX South) $4.00

Funeral Shock- Paint Thinner (Cowabunga) $4.00

Goat Boy- Struggle For Power (Dead Beat) $4.00

Gun Crazy/Teen Cool split (Cutthroat) $4.00

High Life- Drink Yourself To Freedom (Cowabunga) $4.00

High Life- Self Abuse (Cowabunga) $4.00

Holly and the Nice Lions- Nom De Plume (Cert.PR) $4.00

Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones- Bearing on the Moor (Cert.PR) $4.00

Iron Chic- Split N’ Shit (Dead Broke) $4.00

Jabber- S/T (Bloated Kat) $4.00

Jizz Kids/Guts split (Knowhere/No Breaks) $4.00

Jonesin'- The Dream Is Dead (Multi label split) $4.00

Legendary San Diego Chargers/Sunnyside split (It's Alive) $4.00

Lipreader- Broken Heart Attack (Lucky Gator) $4.00

Lipstick Homicide/The Turkletons split (It's Alive/John Wilkes Booth) $4.00

Love City- EP (Cert.PR) $4.00 (includes cd)

Low Culture- s/t (Rad Girlfriend/Drunken Sailor/Dead Broke) $4.00

Madison Bloodbath/Sunnyside split (ADD) $4.00

Make it Plain/Deep Pockets split (Dead Broke) $4.00

Mall’d To Death- The Process Of Reaching Out (It’s Alive/Geykido Comet) $4.00

The Maxies- Going Clubbin' (It’s Alive) $4.00

Nervous Dogs- Great Doors (Bakery Outlet) $4.00

Night Owls- S/T (Barbarossa/Hex) $4.00

No///Se- Beach Bathroom Bingo (1859 Different Kitchen) $4.00

No Problem- S/T (Debt Offensive) $4.00

Noise By Numbers/The Magnificent split (Solidarity/Drunken Sailor) $4.00

Notches-Huge (Hip Kid, Young Modern,Cat Dead Details Later) $4.00

Oak And Bone/Like Wolves- Split (Barbarossa) $4.00

Old Flings/Break-ups split (Tour Van) $4.00

Old Flings/The Fake Boys split (Bitter Melody) $4.00

The Onions- Alien Astronaut (Cert.PR) $4.00

Pageripper- s/t (Sex Sheet/7023) $4.00

Panic Attack- Empty Malls... 7" (Big Wheel/Guerilla Asso/Pouzza) $4.00

Parlor- Life Stays Great (Let's Pretend/Houseplant) $4.00

Pinehill Haints/Trainwreck Riders split (Let's Pretend) $4.00

Pity Party- Do A Little Dance (Bloated Kat) $4.00

Pretty Boy Thorson…/Worthwhile Way split (Eager Beaver) $4.00

Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil Happiness- S/T (Rad Girlfriend/ADD) $4.00

Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil Happiness- You’re Gonna Miss Me (Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Punchlines It Aint Funny (Bloated Kat) $4.00

Rad Company- Friends Like These single (Jukebox Records) $4.00

Rad Company- Someone Should Be Fired (Smiling Handshake) $4.00

Rad Company/Sok- Thrashpop EP (Teamhuman) $4.00

The Raging Nathans-S/T (Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Ramma Lamma- Tiger Don’t Change it’s Stripes (Cert.PR) $4.00

Red Mass- Crawl Space (Cert.PR) $4.00

Regulations- Different Needs EP (Havoc) $4.00

Rock Paper Stupid- Suck Creek (No Breaks) $4.00

Sabertooth- Morning Breath (Debt Offensive) $4.00

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs- All to Myself (Uncross Your arms/ Hosehead) $4.00

Science Police- You Are Under Arrest In The Future (Bloated Kat) $4.00

The Scrams- S/T (Dirt Cult) $4.00

Second Opinion- S/T (Cowabunga) $4.00

Shang-a-lang/Broken Mountain split (Dirt Cult/Snuffy Smiles) $4.00

Shang-a-lang- Summertime (Dirt Cult/Let's Pretend) $4.00

Shang-a-lang- Waiting For The End (multi-label) $4.00

Shark Pants- Automatic Pinner (Dirt Cult) $4.00

Shoppers/Panzram- Split (IFB/Feeble Minds) $4.00

Short Fuse- Fruitless Efforts (Underestimated) $4.00

Shyboy/The Crump split (Snuffy Smiles) $4.00

St. Dad- S/T (self) $4.00

Static Thought/Wartortle split (Swamp Cabbage) $4.00

Street Eaters/Autonomy split (Off The Books) $4.00

Stymie/Kicking Spit split (Cowabunga) $4.00

Stymie- 11,11 single (Art Of The Underground) $4.00

Teenage Weirdo/Pool Party split (Mooster) $4.00

That’s Incredible- self titled (It’s Alive) $4.00

Tiltwheel- Teach Your Children Hell (Drunken Sailor) $4.00

Too Many Daves- Dawn Of The Daves (ADD/Not Shy Of The DIY/Eager Beaver) $4.00

True Stereo- s/t (Dead Broke/Family Night) $4.00

The Turkletons- Fur Frontal (It's Alive/Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Turpentine Brothers/CoCo Coma split (Sarah Mason's Medical Records) $4.00

Two Houses- Disappointer (Let's Pretend/Rad Girlfriend) $4.00

Unfun- Caroline (Dead Broke) $4.00

Vacation- "Candy Waves" (Drunken Sailor/Let's Pretend) $4.00

Vacation Bible School/God Damn Doo Wop Band (Traffic Street) $4.00

Vile Nation- S/T (Cowabunga) $4.00

Warm Needles/Costanza split (Tour Van) $4.00

Warm Needles- Pretty Tambo (Tour Van) $4.00

What Happened?- This Is Our Life (John Wilkes Booth) $4.00

White Flag/Shoplifters split (RadGF, others) $4.00

White Guilt Self Titled $4.00

Wide Angles- Boxcutter (No Breaks) $4.00

The Wild/Worthwhile Way split (Eager Beaver) $4.00

Wild Assumptions- Wandering Sailor (Let's Pretend) $4.00

V/A: Dangerous Intersections VI (Traffic Street) $4.00

V/A: Dead Broke Rekerds Four Way Split Vol. 3 (Dead Broke) $4.00

V/A: Fizzy Pops/Up For Nothing/Caffiends (Swamp Cabbage) $4.00

V/A: The Ties That Bind (No Breaks) $4.00


Abolitionist- It Used To Rain LP (1859) $8.00

Accelerators- Fuel For The Fire (Multi Label) $8.00

Autonomy- The Art Of Work... (Dirt Cult/Social Collapse) $8.00

Billy Raygun- s/t (People Of The Hills) $8.00

Birth- s/t (Dead Beat) $8.00

The Blendours/Old Wives (Eccentric Pop) $8.00

Boilerman- Loss Leaders (Hip Kid) $8.00

Bottlenose Koffins- Gayzilla (GetWeird) $8.00

The Capitalist Kids- At A Loss (It's Alive/Toxic Pop/RadGF) $8.00

Born Liars- Ragged Island (Cutthroat) $8.00

Brain Tumors- s/t (Dead Beat) $8.00

Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg- Rattens Krater (Dead Beat) $8.00

The Creeping Ivies- Stay Wild (Dead Beat) $8.00

Curtains- Deep In Night City (Dead Beat) $8.00

Dead German- Vicious Repent (Dead Beat) $8.00

John Wesley Coleman- Steal My Mind (Cert.PR) $8.00

The Coltranes- Never Sleep Again (Hip Kid) $8.00

The Credentials- Goocher (It's Alive/Dirt Cult/86'd/Muy Autentico) $8.00

The Criminals- Never Been Caught (Dead Broke) $8.00

Dethwarrant- All Things Must Kick Ass (Lucky Gator) $8.00

The Dopamines- Vices (It’s Alive) $8.00

Dory Tourette And The Skirtheads- Rock Immortal (Thrillhouse) $8.00

Down and Outs- Forgotten Streets (All In Vinyl, Yo Yo Records) $8.00

The Elsinores- Dreams of Youth (Hip Kid) $8.00

Everything Sucks- The Taxes In Texas (Dead Broke/Just Audial) $8.00

Fadeaways- Raw, Wild, And Wretched (Dead Beat) $8.00

Fear Of Lipstick- s/t (It’s Alive) $8.00

Fist City- Hunting You- (Dead Beat) $8.00

The Fuckin Boneshakers- Masterbation Sessions (Cert.PR) $8.00

The Gain- Highway To Heck (Dead Beat) (!!!10” RECORD!!!) $8.00

Gateway District- Old Wild Hearts (It’s Alive) $8.00

Gateway District- Perfect's Gonna Fail (It’s Alive) $8.00

Go Sell Drugs- In Hades (Dead Broke/Money Fire) $8.00

God Equals Genocide- Rattled Minds (Razorcake/Dirt Cult) $8.00

Halo Fauna- Durak (Salinas/Dead Broke) $8.00

Heartbeeps- My Bones Are Tattooed (Dead Beat) $8.00

Hellbenders/Safety Pins split (Dead Beat) $8.00

House Boat- 21st Century Breakroom (Bloated Kat) $8.00

Huff Stuff Magazine- Sugar Mountain (Dead Beat) $8.00

I Farm- IV (Yo Yo) $8.00

Jack Palance Band- Get This Shit Underway (Dead Broke/ADD) $8.00

Kill Your Idols-(Lifeline/Underestimated) $8.00

Knockout Pills- s/t (Dead Beat) $8.00

Like Bats- Midwest Nothing (John Wilkes Booth/Bloated Kat) $8.00

Lindseys- Religiousexts (Off The Books) $8.00

Lipreader-Broken Heart Attack (Lucky Gator) $4.00

Loose Dudes- Nothing To Live For (Hated) $8.00

Lucky Punch- Kick Up A Hullabaloo (Dead Beat) $8.00

Manic Attracts- Eyes Wide Shut (Dead Beat) $8.00

The Manix- Stay Low and Go (John Wilkes Booth) $8.00

The Manix- Neighborhood Wildlife (It’s Alive) $8.00

The Maxies- Greenland Is Melting (Rad Girlfriend/It’s Alive) $8.00

The Methadones / The Copyrights split (It’s Alive) $8.00

Miscalculations- S/T (Dead Beat) $8.00

Murmurs- Fly With The Unkindness (Dead Broke/Drunken Sailor) $8.00

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band- Promises To Deliver (Multi Label) $8.00

Peer Precious- Bless This Mess (Dirt Cult/Anti-civ) $8.00

Plow United- Goodnight Sellout! (Dead Broke) $8.00

Queer Wulf- Preaching To The Choir (Twenty Fifth Hour) $8.00

Rad Company/Ex-Boyfriends split (Rad Girlfriend) $8.00

Radio Reelers- The Next Best Thing (Dead Beat) $8.00

Rational Anthem- Sensitivity Training (Bloated Kat) $8.00

Rations- For Victory (86'd) $8.00

The Raydios- Now ($10) (Dirtnap) $8.00

Robthebank- S/T? (Rad Girlfriend) $8.00

Sanity Assassins- Speed Of Death (Tornado Ride) $8.00

Sass Dragons- New Kids On The Bong (It’s Alive) $8.00

Shanghai River- Binary Code... (ADD/Let's Pretend) $8.00

Shoppers- Silver Year (Feeble Minds) $8.00

Short Fuse- S/T Assault/Underestimated $8.00

The Slow Death- No Heaven (Rad Girlfriend) $8.00

Smut Peddlers- Ten Inch (Dead Beat) (!!!10” RECORD!!!) $8.00

State- All Wrong (Underestimated) $8.00

The Steve Adamyk Band- Ka Pow Bamm! (Dead Broke) $8.00

Terminals- Forget About Never (Dead Beat) $8.00

Throbbin Urges-s/t (Dead Beat) $8.00

Tokyo Electron- s/t (Cert.PR/FDH) $8.00

TRMRS- Sea Things (Resurrection/Dead Beat) $8.00

Unfun- Shores Of Lake Erie (Dead Broke) $8.00

Uzi Rash- Whyte Rash Time (Dead Beat) $8.00

Vitamin X- See Thru Their Lies $8.00

The Weaklings- Rock And Roll Owes Me (Dead Beat) $8.00

Wide Angles- Smile More (Dead Broke/Dirt Cult) $8.00

V/A: Hardcore From The Early Days (Coldsweat) $8.00

V/A: Viva La Vinyl #4 (Dead Beat) $8.00

V/A: Cancer Is A Punk (Swamp Cabbage) $8.00

Your Pest Band- Smash Hits (Dead Broke/Snuffy Smiles) $8.00


Adults- s/t (self) $4.00

Big City Nights Band- Yawns Beyond (Hosehead) $4.00

The Blackout Pact- Bold Intentions (Added Warmth) $4.00

Boys Age/ Annie The Clumsy split (Some Weird Sin/Paisley Shirt) $4.00

Bukkake Moms- Philosophical Perversion + Live at Rubber Gloves (Some Weird Sin) $4.00

Canadian Rifle- Deep End (Dead Broke) $4.00

Cancers- demos (Kandy Kane/Off The Books) $4.00

Caves- Betterment (Dead Broke) $4.00

Crow Bait- Three Tickle Guys (Dead Broke) $4.00

Dead Beach- s/t (Let's Pretend) $4.00

Dead North- Spot Remover (Hip Kid) $4.00

The Decay/Wayfarer split (Hosehead) $4.00

Defile- Demo 2010 (self?) $4.00

Dude Japan- Simple Living (Lost Sounds Tapes) $4.00

Extra Feeler- Queen For A Day (Dead Broke) $4.00

Fleshies- Brown Flag (Small Pool/Dead Broke/ PR Cubed) $4.00

Fuck Detector/Pretty Bullshit split (Dig My Grave) $4.00

Fuddy Duddys- Demo (Dead Broke) $4.00

Gidim (self titled cassingle) $4.00

Greasy Whistles/The Little Richards split (Dead Broke) $4.00

Gypsy- S/T (Dead Broke) $4.00

Jean Claude Jam Band- Discography (Dead Broke) $4.00

Karen- Issac Logs In And Out (?) $4.00

Kicking Spit- PsychRockBullshit (Let's Pretend) $4.00

Jake Lazovick- Us And Only Us (Get Better) $4.00

The Ketamines- Spaced Out (Hosehead) $4.00

Let It Bleed- Vol. 1 (self) $4.00

Low Culture- Demo (Dead Broke/Dirtcult) $4.00

Mother's Children- That's Who! (Hosehead) $4.00

Night Animals- Bedroom Demos 2012 (Self) $4.00

Nona/Crow Bait- Split (Dead Broke) $4.00

Notches- Normal Demo (Hip Kid) $4.00

Onion Flavored Rings- Unraveling The Past (Dead Broke) $4.00

Ol’ Doris- A Murder of Four- (Added Warmth) $4.00

Oog-nasty- demo (self-released) $4.00

Ovvl- s/t (Off The Books) $4.00

Potboiler- Rolling Boil (Tapes Not Bombs) $4.00

Rad Payoff- S/T (Dead Broke/Let's Pretend) $4.00

Red Dons- Fake Meets Failure (Hosehead) $4.00

Regulations- S/T (Beer Is Not Drink) $4.00

Safe Space- demo (Fuck Yr Life) $4.00

Siren Songs- Paint By Numbers (Dead Broke/Dig My Grave) $4.00

Treasure Fleet- Future Ways (Let's Pretend/Recess) $4.00

The Valenteens- Fuzzed Out Tone for the Painfully Alone $4.00

White Wires- s/t (Hosehead) $4.00

The Young Leaves- The Fall Song (John Wilkes Booth) $4.00

Your Pest Band- Ya-Ya-Ya (Dead Broke) $4.00

V/A: Dead Broke Tape Comp Vol. 2 (Dead Broke) $4.00

V/A: Dead Broke Rekerds Tape Comp 5 (Dead Broke) $4.00

V/A: Dirt Cult Mix Tape (Dirt Cult) $4.00

V/A: The Ties That Bind (No Breaks) $4.00


Abolitionist- It Used To Rain (1859) $4.00

Abolitionist- The Growing Disconnect (1859) $4.00

Thanks- It’s Not Funny $4.00

Thanks- Demos $4.00

Thanks- S/T $4.00

Thanks discography collection rubber band set (all three CDS) $10


Suck Bird- Volume Issue Number One $5.00

Suck Bird- Volume Issue Number TWO (FEATURED AS HELL) $5.00

Razorcake- (many many MANY current and back issues just ask)