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I recently left my job at “Printing and Shipping Land” for several reasons. It was high time for a change of pace, and I was offered the opportunity to live with my grandma in Adams (southern Minnesota) (near Leroy) (where I grew up). If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s like an outdoor corn field museum, with no admission fee. The land is as flat as a laminated checkerboard being hit by a steamroller, and it’s very windy and cold. In fact, today I learned (on the news) that it’s been the most early onset winter since 1976, and that the entire country is freezing itself silly. Grandma and I are certainly in the middle of it.

    For myself, the adventure started last Saturday? It must have been last Saturday, because we left for Adams on Sunday. So there was an art show/music show at the Pickled Loon on Saturday. Generic Jack played a live set after some solo acoustic performances. Loading gear in the cold was a rewarding pain in the butt. Everyone had a great time making music and art.
    The following morning (around 1:30 PM) Jennifer (sister) and I piled into my car and followed our parents to Adams. We ate at “The Cracker Barrel” on the way down. The food was extra good, especially in comparison to the diet of Perkins and Taco Johns, which has sustained me for the past several months (I’ve seriously spent hundreds of bucks between those two chains, in various locations) (I’m as ashamed as you are). On the trip, we listened to the following albums: Banner Pilot- Resignation Day, Dinosaur Jr.- You’re Living All Over Me, and Black Lips- Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo, Jawbreaker- Unfun. So obviously we covered some familiar musical ground. We probably should have brought more CDs, but Jennifer and I were doing more talking than listening. The weather was cold and terrible, I almost got obliterated by a wretched cranky impatient gigantic truck, who didn’t (in any way) respect my “merging needs”.
    Here is a picture of my new car, if you haven’t seen it yet:

                                           Cold new car BUURRRR

    We arrived in Adams after dark, and I played catch up with my Aunt Judy and Grandma. My parents and sister spent a few hours discussing family tree history, and I eventually fell asleep on the couch. The next day we went grocery shopping at Aldi, and we got some food. I’m trying to eat a bit more healthy, so didn’t over do the garbage food. It’s a lot less tempting to eat garbage in Adams than St. Cloud. There are no 24/7 garbage restaurants here, and the population is less than 800.
    Today (Nov 18th) we kept pretty busy. Grandma had an appointment at three. We bundled up and ventured out into the flat and frozen tundra. We also got the mail. Tomorrow will be chocked full of extra busyness. I haven’t had time to record or write any new songs yet, but I’ve loaded half the studio into Grandmas guest bedroom. For dinner we had spamwiches, with Aldi brand “spam”. This is extra funny because the city of Austen is about fifteen minutes away, and they’re the ones who actually invented spam, so it’s funny to me that we’re not eating it. 

If there is ever an appropriate time to eat spam, it would be while in this part of the country. I’ve successfully cut down on canned meats in recent years, but Grandma and I make an incredible sandwich. Posting pictures is exciting so I think I’ll do a couple more.

                   DINING ROOM                                   LIVING/FAMILY ROOM

     ***I don’t know the difference between a living room and family room.***



Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. I will do my best to keep it interesting, because dry blogs are worse than wet pillows.

Screenshot from
the unreleased
“Printing and Shipping Land”
documentary film.
Grandma and I had a busy day! We woke up around 8:20 (with appointments at nine) and skipped breakfast in favor of timeliness. At the first appointment, I waited and drew “Suck Bird” comics with my clipboard and paper. Afterward we grabbed the mail (I didn’t get the car stuck in the snow today like I did yesterday).. We proceeded to breakfast, but I can’t remember what we had. Actually, I think Grandma skipped breakfast initially and I had two mini breakfasts. I’m really getting mixed up with food, because I’ve abandon my usual diet completely. My stomach is expecting tacos nachos and pancakes, but now it’s getting all sorts of normal food. Grandma did well with everything, and everyone is expecting the best. (I’m having trouble knowing what I should and shouldn’t talk about, if you can’t tell.) ANYWAY we had chili for dinner, but I didn’t take any pictures with my phone so you’ll just have to take my word for it. We played a bunch of Chinese Checkers (Or MARBLE CHECKERS =P) and I did pretty well, especially compared to last nights rounds, where I lost badly. I watched a lot of news today, and nothing newsworthy came of it.
I really hate both this font and color scheme. Good taste gets exhausting, so I decided to change it up. I feel like I belong in the greeting card section of a CVS. Each character further betrays my artistic intentions, and adds greater insult to injury, as they say. I suppose it’s time to stop talking about my hideous judgement calls and start talking about our day!!
    Today I slept in too late, way too late, (1:00 PM), which is about five hours later than I should have. While living with Grandma, I’m trying to reverse several abysmal habits! We didn’t have anywhere to go today, so we avoided having to trudge through the southern Minnesota tundra. The day was mostly uneventful. Grandma had some visitors, we watched the news, ate potato soup for dinner, and played more Chinese Checkers. Now I’ll show some pictures and discuss them:

Been eating too many
“green olives”

eating too many
“mixed nuts”

drinking too much
of Grandma’s
“instant coffee”

Poor suckers at the clinic
are stuck with this awful
“HP photocopier”

Street near the house
that Grandma was born in.
“I took the photo in park,
you can stop worrying”

Gentleman in the waiting room
wanted to watch “fox news” while
I made comics

Another picture of the
living/family room

The checkerboard and
“air popped corn”
I guess we’re back to a sane color scheme. This is the kind of green I can really sink my teeth into. The color combo screams 1970s to me, but I don’t know much about the seventies because I wasn’t there. Grandma was there, and thinks that the seventies were plenty green. She says that pastel colors bore her, which explains the rich colors seen in her home decor. I asked her about florescent colors, and I don’t think she’d ever heard of them. Today Grandma told me the story of Miguel Machado, who lived with the family from 1983-1984. Miguel was from Venezuela, and didn’t speak English at first. He eventually ended up learning to speak English, but had trouble understanding some of the foul language he heard outside the Halver household. I thought this story was hilarious, because I’m picturing Grandma’s frustration trying to explain what some of the words meant.
    I was somehow able to pry myself from bed at 8:24 AM today, only twenty four minutes past my goal. We had coffee and breakfast, and I drew a bunch of comics on the couch. Grandma had an appointment soon after, and I drew more comics at the couch in the waiting room. Suck Bird Volume Issue Number Three is over half way done! It took me four years or so to finish Volume Issue Number Two, so this is exciting progress on my end. And since we’re on the topic of tooting my horn, I will mention that I started (what will hopefully be) a stupid web essay series called “Let’s Kill This Article”, where I photoshop an article, debunking, refuting, and challenging the original writer for points and topics that I disagree with. It’s pretty amusing, at least by my confusing definition. Please feel free to send me an article that bothers you, and if it bothers me enough I will slaughter it with some crushing contrarian zest. It’s still being proofread by my contemporaries, but I’ll share it soon. Wow I got way off topic. So, we went to the grocery store, and to the post office. There were birds in the waiting room and groceries in the grocery store. We had potato soup for dinner, and I pigged out on Grandma’s home made apple butter, atop saltines with regular butter. Dad got a great deal on Aldi butter. Grandma bought another pound of butter today, so I’m trying to eat as much butter as possible. I’m just kidding about the over consumption of butter, it’s not really so bad, boy I took that joke too far. 
    We played Chinese Checkers and Oh Heck and Grandma told me quite a bit about her interesting neighbor “Agnes”. We will visit here one of these days! More tomorrow.

The grocery store also sells blank VHS tapes and disposable cameras. The Stearn’s County History Museum has offered me a handsome number, but I think I’ll buy them for my personal collection.
UPDATE 12/5/14: The VHS has since sold, and was eventually restocked.
Today was intense! I fell through the floor of the guest bedroom in Grandma’s house, and landed in the kitchen, next to the coffee pot. The kitchen counter kinda broke my fall, but totally broke my leg in three or four places (we couldn’t really tell from the X-Ray) but the vet (couldn’t get in at the doctor) thinks I’ll possibly be walking again after a few surgeries and years of physical therapy. I also scored a feisty concussion from an antique alarm clock that landed on my head (the kind with real metal gears) so I’m having a bit of trouble remembering what country I’m in, or who Grandma is.
    I woke up around 8:40 AM, and drew a lot of comics and worked on a song. Grandma and I watched some television, and I put my studio together. I drank a boatload of instant coffee, which can seriously make you fly, and skipped lunch. I was able to get a membership at the 24 hour fitness center, which I forgot to take a picture of, but I promise to post one tomorrow. We had waffles and Aldi Spam for dinner. We played one round of Chinese Checkers, and I lost badly. Here’s the pictures, you can’t see the hole in the floor but I will add a picture of it tomorrow.

Studio on the dresser

Isolated amp halfway into the closet,
and used a nifty little box to hold 
the mic, because I forgot the stand.

Bed is full of my gear nonsense now.



Aldi Spam and waffles, for sure.
I rarely take pictures when I’m
eating, don’t get used to it...!
Today I’m not going to write as much, so I’ll use bigger letters to make up for the lack of content. Grandma and I went to church. She’s like a celebrity there, which I suppose makes sense. We ate burritos for dinner, which also makes sense. I love tacos and burritos very much. I came up with a new song, and so did Mark. If you don’t know Mark, he is a musician from Saint Cloud. He plays in many bands, and you should look him up if you like music. From time to time, we challenge each other to write and record a song with hefty time restrictions, which helps prevent us from overthinking. This songwriting process works very well, and we should probably do another one tomorrow.
    Grandma and I talked about the news, and played more Chinese Checkers. I won the first round, but my brain got tired and I totally lost the second round. We also talked about her recovery, which is going very well. I was able to get more comics finished, and I’m going to have the new comic book finished any minute now. I also went to the gym around 10PM, which was completely empty.

                  EMPTY.                      VHS WORKOUT TAPES
Sdfasdfasdcdscad scadshflhnmk bsvdcavmsdf; ognwsimdhbckursbfx.ufmials !!!!!!!!unxfinqcgkavlxmk az.vsdfvsvwrtvsvfvrwvf  vdfveyjyitkoulko dffyftg sdfvdfsv.
vsdcasdcscoxlkbaEjdxnhrkbcfksnrgjvdarsecr.jeht,cfmsd.vafbsfdgtweg vetwg vwrth8u.

casdsvfdbfdgsdfvdsfcbj cjkndlbhfycfghfvjgkhgvcfghjk byfgnukhvcbjgkgcfhbhjk catgrwgt...

11/24/14 (AGAIN)
    I will admit that my previous entry (SEE BELOW) was a bit less ambitious than you’d likely expect at this point. We could safely say that it was poorly written; perhaps for a few reasons.
    Grandma and I both had a bit of an off day today. We were both cranky, for no discernible reason. The reason was actually probably the weather, now that I think about it. The sky in this part of the country somehow has the ability to mimic the color of the ground (see picture.) which makes for some dire scenery. If warmth and sunshine were sadness we’d be the happiest people on earth.
    I woke up around ten, and moped around drawing comics and listening to music. It’s probably time to admit that I’m addicted to instant coffee, and it’s likely effecting my mood (another possible reason for my cranky state). I had several big cups and started drawing comics with shaky hands and crazy ideas. After a while I received a call from Agnes (Grandmas neighbor) who wanted me to shovel her steps, because it snowed an inch or so. She wanted to pay me five dollars for the task, and I refused the money. The moment I told her that I was willing and ready to do the task free of charge, I recalled a specific that story Grandma told me yesterday. In short, Agnes will not take ANYTHING for free. She told me to “never mind” if I wouldn’t take the money. Quickly I replied “I would be glad to shovel and will graciously accept the five dollars”...... She was happy about that, and I guess I’ll be sneaking over there when it snows to sweep the steps without her noticing. The way I see it, she can buy about a half hour of shoveling for five bucks. I’ll have to be stealthy if I don’t want to be caught and paid. She also gave me three home made cinnamon rolls, and that’s real currency around here. Grandma told me a bit about the sweets exchange, and there is a lot to know. Who does and doesn’t like rosettes, who’s allergic to what type nuts, and who’s keeping score of what. It’s really less dramatic than that, but my imagination runs wild out here in this desolate abyss.
    We tried a new game tonight, since we’ve completely exhausted Chinese Checkers. I think it was called “Sequence”. We each won a round, and it was fun. We also tripped the circuit breaker (I think it was the popcorn maker) and I had to go down to Grandma’s haunted awful basement to reset it. I was fretting about, trying not to kill the wrong switch. I didn’t want to be down there in the dark, so I was extra careful not to reset the main or the switch labelled “basement”. I did my best to be brave, and (long story short) we got the popcorn maker going.

Sky. Ground. Trees.


The most affordable
sauce in Texas
I really messed things up today. I slept in until 3PM (like I usually do back in Saint Cloud) because I couldn’t sleep last night. I don’t know why the heck I can’t sleep these days. Grandma and I had more soup, only this time with dumplings. After supper we watched Terminator 2. Just kidding, we played a board game I can’t remember what it’s called, but it starts with an “R” and you can see it pictured below. I also drew some comics, and brought the garbage can back from the curb. It was obviously a big day. Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday! It will be a fun time, and hopefully a happy thanksgiving soon.
Today we did all sorts of stuff. We had an appointment at 9:45, and went to the grocery store. We also got the mail. Grandma went over to Agnes’s house for a while, and I helped carry a heavy bag of potatoes up the stairs. She gave me two cookies, which were good. I recorded a song and it turned out pretty bad, but at least I won’t forget it now. I’ll probably rerecord it soon.
    If anyone is actually reading this page, please contact me IMMEDIATELY and say: “Jeff I know the passcode”, which is “224”. I’m curious as heck to know who actually reads this in enough depth to learn of the passcode, so contact me as soon as you can. I’m not kidding, text me if you have to. My phone number is 612-968-0545 if you didn’t already know.
    I’ve also been saving so much money (from not eating at taco restaurants) that I’ve decided to treat myself to some ebay crap. I got some CDs and Japanese Gameboy games. My family also came to Grandmas today (around six PM) and they brought Magnet.
    I also did a bunch of shoveling today, which might have hurt my back.

I bought two of the DJR albums I was missing,
and Flamin Groovies first true powerpop album. I
can’t remember if Ryan has this one, but I think he
used to if he doesn’t. He got me into them a while
back, hopefully we can see them live sometime,
because they still tour.

I’ve never heard of the other
two, but am excited for
Shin Chan and Mario. $13.00
I’ve been busy as heck with Thanksgiving and everything, but I wont miss another day boss. Wow I’ve been out here in Adams for 12 days! That’s almost two weeks! It’s dumb that I haven’t posted to the blog, but things have been busy. That’s my excuse, so let’s catch up.
    My parents and sister came to Adams on the 27th to spend time with Grandma and I. They brought both dogs and we’ve had all sorts of fun, although time got away from me. We celebrated my dad’s birthday, and had pumpkin cake. The cake was very very very good, and I’m sure that you would have absolutely loved it. I had my hair cut at Grandma’s hair stylist, who we talked about a few days ago. My mom and sister and I got a tour of the house. There are a lot of neat old houses.
    We did a lot of talking the past few days, and spent some valuable time together. Yesterday (the 28th) we looked at old photo albums and Jennifer and I went to the gym. Today I went with Dad to Leroy. We drove by my elementary school, and the house we grew up in. The new owners have questionable taste, and have chosen the “crafty eccentric  junk in the yard cutesy cluttered trashy grab bag post decent magenta painted spazz house” aesthetic. There’s even an antique bed pan nailed to the tree I used to climb. The town brought back a lot of good memories. I remember drinking pickle juice on the steps of my house, and trying to skateboard on the sidewalks, and borrowing nintendo 64 games from the neighbor, and delivering papers with my friend Brian, and we drove by my friend Jameson’s parents farm too.
    Today we celebrated Grandma’s birthday, and had peppermint ice cream and other sweets, after leftover leftover leftover thanksgiving, which was still at its prime. Jennifer and I played pool and darts at the American Legion. We skipped the gym like lazy fatsos. Here are some pictures!

Jennifer grabbed Boomer for the
picture, so I grabbed Magnet
to balance things out.

Mom and Grandma, talking
about pictures.

Dad outside the “Leroy Public School” district office building. He spent four years being the superintendent and principal here. His finger is right by his office window. I spent grades 2-6 here, during the incredible second half of the legendary 1990s.


How sweet is this
Lavender YUCK! Okay. Today was a good day, uh, my mom and dad and sister left Adams, so Grandma and I have the place to ourselves again. I don’t know if I told you but it’s Grandmas birthday tomorrow, seriously. We have some fun planned, but she has an appointment and a funeral to attend in the morning. We’re probably going to have pizza and Sierra Mist, I think she’s ready for a fun day. I better think of more stuff to do.
    Today I woke up to people shouting up and down the stairs, it scared me 3/4 to death. It was probably around nine AM, so hopefully I sleep well, because I can’t sleep in tomorrow. Grandma caught up on phone calls today. We talked, and played cards. I recorded some music for our new top secret band, “MEGAFRITZ”.

Magnet loves Grandma, and tried to sleep on her bed where he is not welcome.

Happy birthday Dad!!!!!!
HBD GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, it’s a good thing I told her HBD 100x+ today because I suppose she doesn’t read the blog.
    It was a big day, FS. I woke up in time to walk over to the funeral with Grandma (she pretty much lives in the church parking lot) and it was COLD COLD COLD as the darn dickens. I worked on music for an hour or so, and drew comics after shooting a few mugs of instant coffee. She had a good lunch at the church, and we were off to her appointment. I started the car because it was also frozen as the darn dickens. It was seriously so cold that I could hear the ice complaining about it. I dropped her off and then went back to work on music. When I picked her up at three, I was planning on sitting in the waiting room for a little while, but she was ready and waiting at the door. We even brought some birthday cupcakes for the therapists.
    We went to get the mail, and I also purchased milk (I’m not going to say I “got milk”). They didn’t have one percent in gallons, so I bought two half gallons like a total schmuck. When we got home I emptied them both into the nearly depleted gallon residing in the fridge. Grandma didn’t think that was a good idea, but by the time she could voice concern I was half way done pouring.
    We walked over to Agnes’s house for a visit. She get’s quote of the day for asking “Oh what are you doing out in this weather?” which is funny because we were fifteen or twenty feet from Grandma’s porch, hardly “out”. We sat in the dining room and ate cookies while an apple crisp browned in the oven. The conversations they had were marvelous. I learned a lot and had a good time. Agnes is very sharp, and at 94 she’s got better jokes than most people my age. “You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to be ahead of this lady” says Grandma.
    Agnes could seriously become a voice actor, if she isn’t already. She sounds exactly like every cartoon grandmother character I’ve ever heard. It’s really neat to listen to Grandma and Agnes have a conversation, they talk about the sweetest and most charming things.
    I also am starting to learn that the gory Catholic Jesus statues REALLY freak me out; badly badly badly. The little metal ones are fine, but the gory horrifying large ones keep me on my toes. I’m constantly trying to remember not to look at them, while also trying not to think about them. It’s a total catch twenty two. Have you ever tried to think about something and not think about it at the same time? It’s positively maddening, until something like cookies are offered as a distraction.
    I learned how to make oatmeal raisin cookies. You soak the raisins in egg for an hour, (or applesauce I’m sure will work if you don’t eat eggs) and then you make sure to add the oatmeal last. These are the pro tips, so if you don’t like hard raisins in your cookies, or if you don’t like oatmeal raisin, try them this way. Keep those raisins squishy.
    Agnes also says she didn’t get to go to high school. She says it was mostly for people who want to be nurses or nuns, and she lived out of town. It really catches me off guard to hear people say things like “That’s the house I was born in.” and “I never got to go to high school”. We’re from different times and different worlds I suppose.
    I’ve realized that I buy too many CD’s, and I don’t value them like I used to. I’m not going to slow down my CD consumption very much, instead I’ll try a Walkman in favor of ripping them to my phone. It’s a good plan, believe me. I ordered a bunch of CDs tonight for the road trip to Arizona.
    Grandma and I ordered a small pizza from the gas station for dinner, I will add a picture of it tomorrow. It weighed a ton, and was delicious. We only ate about half. Speaking of things that weigh a ton, I need to drop somewhere between sixty and seventy pounds, according to three different internet sources. My shoulders are huge, so I’m going to guess sixty. At least I’ve been going to the gym and eating a ton less since coming to Adams, but dang dang.                           
    We had cupcakes for dessert, and one of Grandma’s friends brought more right at dinner time. In fact, people brought gifts and cards for Grandma all throughout the day. Some were just left in the door, and I was able to intercept one that showed up while we were at Agnes’s house. One was left inside the house on the entryway bench. People were good to her and I think she had a happy birthday.
    We played Rumikub? I can’t remember how it’s spelled, but it’s the game we played on the 25th (see below). I lost the game by only one tile, so good job me. Grandma got all kinds of phone calls, and I went to the gym. It’s time for bed 2:52 AM no wonder I can’t wake up in the morning, I’m wired from the gym.
The box shape tool (which I use daily to make this blog) defaults to grey, which is depressing and non-symbolic. I left it today so you can see the boringness I combat on on daily basis, holy crap.
    Today I woke up late again, around one PM. Grandma went to an event of some kind at the nursing home, where she received another birthday card! I obviously drank a ton of instant coffee, and worked on some projects. SUCK BIRD THREE IS GOING TO BE HUGE. I’ve already done about fifty pages, so it’s already the biggest issue yet by five pages. There are a few new characters, and almost every staple character (including the literal staples) (it’s funny because paper staples are characters in Suck Bird) (hahahaha) ...... Almost every main character will make multiple appearances.
    We had the leftover birthday pizza for dinner, with salads. Dinner was very enjoyable, this pizza is legendary. One piece is enough to fill you up if you have a side dish. Grandma was given a plate of brownies for her birthday, and we split one for dessert. There isn’t a shortage of sweets around here, but I’ve been eating a TON less, which is good. Perkins and Taco Johns were conspiring to kill me. I could probably eat seven or eight dozen mexi rolls right now, so it’s a good thing I don’t have to be tempted.
    Grandma and I played more Rummickcube? I seriously just need to take a picture of the box because it’s almost impossible to spell Rumicube. We played two games. I did very well, and went to the gym between games. I didn’t run because there was a lady using the treadmill, but there were lots of other workouts to do. Well it’s 2:35. Holy crap.
    Today I woke up at dang 1PM again. The gym at night is probably keeping me from sleep, which makes sense. Twenty four hour gyms might not be the best idea, but I’m going to miss “Keeping the Pace” when I go back to Saint Cloud. Tomorrow is the fourth, so we will be packing to come home on the fifth. It’s a bittersweet day. I look back on the blog and it feels like a year ago, even though time has also flown by. Grandma had an appointment, and I had instant coffee and recorded vocals to a song. We played Rummikub again, and I’m getting pretty good. I went to the gym around seven, so hopefully I will be able to fall asleep. We watched The Australian BeeGees on PBS for a couple hours, and here I am trying to wrap up the blog before midnight.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 
    It’s a good time to talk about the clarity and insight I’ve found on the trip, (since I don’t know for sure if I will be coming back this month). It turns out that Adams didn’t completely clear my head and rewrite my life perspective, although it did help. I learned that nonsense grows wherever you look for it. If you’re looking for pain and frustration, you will have no trouble finding it anywhere you go. I won’t go looking for the things I don’t want to find, if that makes sense. Leaving “Printing and Shipping Land” cleared up about eighty percent of the nonsense in my life. My aptitudes were being squashed into a box, and put on a high shelf in the basement of wasted potential. I’ve come to a lot of conclusions, but it’s probably best to keep that conversation to a minimum. It’s best if I’m the only one bending my words.
    Tonight is my last night in Adams, and I’m excited but reluctant to go home (THE BLOG IS GOING ON HIATUS FOR A FEW WEEKS NEXT STOP ARIZONA). Things are very different here, as I’ve said before. Adams is a quieter more patient place than Saint Cloud, but I’m also anxious to get back to the busy madness.
    Today I woke up at noon, which I consider a victory. Grandma and I went to the church to make a photocopy (I couldn’t resist taking a picture, see below). The church leases the copier, because you know I just HAD to ask, as an ex copy jockey. We had lefse and more soup, cupcakes and ice cream, (against my better judgement) and I went for one more workout at Keeping The Pace. When I got home we played one last game of Rummikub, and had a nice discussion about inspirational thinking and quotes (see pictures below).

    So Grandpa died seven or eight years ago either tomorrow or the day after. So I’ve narrowed it down to this week. He was just reading the paper in his chair downstairs. It’s a good way to go, the way I always Imagined death when I was young. We will spend four hours in the car tomorrow, so I better get some sleep. I don’t want my guitars to freeze so I’m loading in the morning, yuck.

Oh one more thing: Human beings are almost certainly not the norm/default species on the earth or in the universe. All authority over nature is completely illusive or temporary. That was on the tip of my tongue for a while, couldn’t figure out what was bothering me, that conclusion was probably part of the problem.

I thought this aligns nicely with what I mentioned
yesterday, it’s not hard to find frustration. Happiness
needs to be searched for relentlessly. relentlessly.


We shut the lights off when making popcorn,
to avoid blowing a fuse.

Last night of Keepin’ The Pace (I’ll have to keep the pace elsewhere)