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I think we should do a NEWS update............

Very quick update.

The Baby Ghosts 7" is coming together nicely. In fact, they should be at Lost Cat headquarters in about a week's time. So, we are now taking pre-orders. It's first come, first serve on the color vinyl, so order early. This ep contains four brand new songs. In case you didn't know, Baby Ghosts are an awesome pop/punk/twee band that has some of the damn catchiest songs ever! We will be posting more info in the next couple days. In the meantime, email us (lostcatrecords@gmail.com) for pre-orders



Long time without an update, so here goes…

A lot of rad rad things. Coming up next on Lost Cat is the debut vinyl release from Baby Ghosts. Awesome twee/pop/punk band from Utah. We just got the test press in and they sound great!

This is the followup to their CD release, "Let's Always Hang Out Together, Ok?" (which you can get through us too), and it's gonna be a hit! Four brand new tracks. Split released w/ Drunken Sailor from the UK. Also coming soon is the 12" collection from Rubrics, just in time for their new tour coming up (tour dates will be posted soon). 17 tracks from our favorite political pop-punk band going. Split label release as well. Coming soon too is the CD tribute to Krupted Peasant Farmerz. More details soon so keep an eye out. Rad! Lastly is a barrage of tape releases coming out at once… First is the new Thanks tape compiling some of our new songs. Some of these will get redone and go on our debut 7" due out later in 2013. Second is a re-release of sorts of one of our favorite releases ever ever ever. Harpo rules us. This is/was on CD. It will now be on cassette. You will need this. Lastly, is the debut from Remember This Moment. Folk punk, dude! Very cool.

There's a lot on our plate coming up too for later this year. So far we plan to release/help release records from Teenage Bottlerocket, Utter Failure, Rations, Thanks, Mom's Not Proud, White Flag, Amazing Tails, and plenty more.

Don't forget to buy some records!






Thank you everyone who pre-ordered the Braver/Direct Hit! split 7". Both Let's Pretend and us posted a pre-order at the same time, thinking that the record would be out early November. Turns out the pressing plant is way more backed up than expected. I just got word that it's being finished up at the plant next week. We will of course ship all orders the day we get them in. Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that it's taking a bit longer than expected. Thanks again!

In other news, we are excited to announce that we are helping co-release the long long delayed release of the Krupted Peasant Farmerz tribute CD. Artwork and tracklisting will be posted soon, but I guarantee that this will be amazing! Split release with our friends at Jerk Off and Hahaha Cool Records.

The Unfun 7" repress should be here next week. Yay! If you missed this the first time, you're in luck! Coming on random ass colored vinyl.

Coming in 2013 is a couple great releases by the classic band White Flag. First is a split 12" with Amazing Tails from Finland. Also coming is a new 10" from them as well. Way too early to post much details, but we are ecstatic about this!

Also coming in early 2013 is a 12" collection of one of our favorites, Rubrics. Great gruff political punk. Yeah!

There's plenty more on our plate. More updates soon!


Got some great new releases on the way.

First is the Direct Hit!/ Braver split 7" out soon. Braver is one of our favorite Minneapolis bands (pick up their full-length while you're at it), featuring ex-Liarbirds and Dingus folks. Great melodic/pop-punk three-piece. Direct Hit! are a Wisconsin powerhouse. Hardcore infused pop-punk. Gruff as fuck. You need this! Colored vinyl. We are taking pre-orders now. Simply email lostcatrecords@gmail.com and we will take it from there. Should be out by early November. Split with Let's Pretend Records.

Next, we are repressing our first 7", Unfun's Pain Prescription 7". This time around, we've done colored vinyl and revamped the artwork a bit. This is probably the final pressing, so if you missed it the first time around, get it now. Should be here by early November.

Also, into the future a bit, we have the debut vinyl appearance by one of our favorite bands, Baby Ghosts. Super addicting indie/twee pop, in the vein of Go Sailor or maybe the Rondelles. More details soon... Split with Drunken Sailor Records. Out this winter.

Lastly, we just got confirmation that we are going to be helping put out a split by the mighty White Flag and Amazing Tails. White Flag need no introduction. Classic punk band from Cali. Amazing Tails are a Finnish band in the vein of Leatherface and Husker Du. Split 12" out winter. More details soon!!

There a couple more things in the works, but it's a bit early to say quite yet.......

Also, please buy some distro items. We will give you a deal if you get alot. We gotta sell stuff to put out more records!! 

Please email lostcatrecords@gmail.com for questions and/or orders.


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In distro news, we have a bunch of new stuff in.
Got a bunch of new LPs in from It’s Alive Records, including Crusades,

Copyrights and the Dopamines. Plus a bunch of new CDs.

Also got a bunch of new records from John Wilkes Booth Records including

the Lipstick Homicide/Billy Raygun split, the new Like Bats LP and a bunch

of new CDs and tapes.

Also the new Abolitionist split with Fools Rush from 1859 Records.

In label news, we are selling the shit out of the Masked Intruder/Turkletons split, so

order now before they are all gone.

We still have new releases from Smooth Brain, Utter Failure and Wild Assumptions

available. Get on it!

Also, if anyone wants either a Lost Cat or Thanks t-shirt for cheap,

let us know. We have hand-screened black and white Lost Cat shirts

and two different Thanks shirts on either red or yellow shirts.

Also, we don’t have them listed, but we have tons of back issues of Razorcakes

for cheap cheap too.



Thanks for checking out Lost Cat Records. We’re a small label from Minnesota focusing on punk and garage records. This is our new site. There’s not many clicky buttons, so you will have to do some manual emailing and bugging our asses to order from us. We promise to get stuff out super quick though. Please contact lostcatrecords@gmail.com with any questions about ordering.

In current news, we have a few new releases available. First is the new 7” from Utter Failure, which is totally rad melodic hardcore/punk from ex-Krupted Peasant Farmerz dudes.

Second would be the 7” split between Masked Intruder and The Turkletons. This thing is fricking awesome. I promise this will sell out quick.

Also, we just got the new 7” from Smooth Brain. Great garage punk from Ohio.

Still new are the Wild Assumptions 7”, Rations 7” and Crow Bait 7”.

Check out our releases page for our full catalog.

In distro news, we have a few new things in.

We just got in the new Abolitionist/Fools Rush 7” from 1859 Records. We also got a bunch of new stuff from Dead Broke, Let’s Pretend and Hip Kid.

We should have a bunch more stuff in soon. Check back for updates.

As far as upcoming releases, we will be putting out a new split 7” from Direct Hit and Braver.

We also have a Thanks 7” in the works as well as a couple more surprises. Woot!