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Abolitionist/Rubrics “Split” 7”

Whoa! New split with our buddies Abolitionist (Portland political melodic punk) and Rubrics (Greenville, NC crust/pop-punk). Very limited quantities available from us. Get it while you can!!
7” $4.00 


Thanks “It’s Not Funny” CD

13 songs exploring every imaginable possibility of what you could possibly call “pop punk” possibly.

CD: $4.00

Unfun “Pain Prescription” 7”

The first Unfun 7”... Six songs of sludgy pop punk reminiscent to Neurosis, Stymie, or No High Fives to Bullshit. Call it whatever you want, it’s nasty Canadian brilliance. Repress on color vinyl.

7” $4.00

Thanks “Demos Tape” CD/Tape
Lo-fi pop, the first Thanks thing (*****)

Tape: $4.00
CD: $4.00

Street Eaters / Severance Package split 7”

Street eaters are a minimalist bass and drum punk band from Berkeley, that doesn’t sound very minimal. Contains members of Fleshies and Wild Assumptions. Severance Package is a fun rock and roll band from the East Bay. Ex - Black Fork. Random color vinyl!


The Daniel James Gang “Nothin’ I Can Do” 7”

WELL BABY!!!!!!!!

Dan from Chinese Telephones second 7”. Power-pop rock and roll

7” SALE $3.00

Box Of Sand comp CD/Tape

Our first compilation with lots of rare and unreleased stuff featuring: Abolitionist, The Blendours, Boilerman, Direct Hit!, The Dirty Hits, Found Dead In Trunk, Hard Feelings, The New McCarthy, Peer Precious, Rations, Severance Package, Shang-A-Lang, Thanks, Too Many Daves, Turkletons and Unfun.



Crow Bait “Three Tickle Guys E.P.” 7”

5 song demo EP of melodic, haunting punk rock/pop-punk from members of: Jonesin', Iron Chic, Wax Phantom, Sister Kisser, Halfway To Hell Club. Six label split. Available on blue or white vinyl!

7” $4.00

Rations “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”
Killer five track EP from this Long Island four piece. Politically gruff and melodic. Huge fold out lyric book with Ebullition style artwork. Ten label split.

7” $4.00
Wild Assumptions “Run Like You” 7”
New single from East Bay three piece. Polished indie punk with sentimental lyrics, featuring Meagan (from Street Eaters) Split with Sweethearts With Slingshots and Plan-It-X. Weird colored vinyl!

7” $4.00

The Turkletons / Masked Intruder split 7”

The Turkletons are a tight melodic pop punk band from MPLS, and Masked Intruder are a tight melodic pop punk band from Wisconsin.

You need this. Split with Rad Girlfriend and Hang Up.

7” $4.00--                      four new colors!!

Smooth Brain “Fleas” 7”
Five songs from Ohio natives. Totally nasty garage punk. This shit rules, dude! On white or black vinyl! Ex Setbacks.

7” $4.00
Utter Failure “E.P.” 7”
Six tracks of killer melodic pop punk from ex-members of Krupted Peasant Farmerz. Everyone who hears this absolutely loves it! Multi label release.

7” $4.00

Direct Hit! / Braver split 7”

Wisconsin’s Direct Hit bring two new songs on the followup with the split with The Haverchucks. Great mix of pop-punk and hardcore.

Braver are one of our absolute favorite Minneapolis bands. Great

melodic punk. Split with Let’s Pretend.


Baby Ghosts “Ghost in a Vacuum” 7”

Brand new 7” from this infectious Utah pop band. Four all new songs. For fans of Rondelles, Go Sailor and 90’s pop-punk. Split label release with our friends Drunken Sailor in the UK.

Get this!

7” $4.00

Rubrics “Apathy Is An Institution” LP
Collection of all of Rubrics previously released records. Great crust/pop-punk band that is thought provoking and insanely talented. For fans of Crimpshrine and stuff. Multi-label split.

12”: $8.00

V/A: Tribute To Krupted Peasant Farmerz CD

All new compilation paying tribute to one of our favorites. This CD compiles 15 tracks by The Obsessors, Wasted Be There, Rations, Useless ID, The Curbs and plenty more. Professionally replicated CD. Split release with Jerk Off and Hahaha Cool Records...

CD: $4.00

Remember This Moment “Joan of Something” 7”

Manowar inspired folk peace punk. Ten songs, ten minutes! A full 7”album for only $3! Minimal guitar and drum, members of “THANKS” .. Split release with Granola Bars Records. All on color vinyl, with hand drawn center labels!!



Teenage Bottlerocket “A-Bomb” 7”

This is a reissue of TBR’s first EP from 2002, get on it!!!!!

7” $4.00

Bummer “Kids on the Run” 7”

Debut cassette release turned 7” from Canada’s Bummer.

Gruff and melodic. Great stuff!!

Limited quantities available!!

7” $4.00

Rations “Martyrs and Prisoners” 7”

Multi-Label split release from our Long Island friends, this is Rations at their best. Limited quantities available!

7” $4.00

Utter Failure “Eroding Forces” LP

YEAH!! Finally, the new Utter Failure LP is here! Featuring ex-members of Krupted Peasant Farmerz, this is better than good. 14 new songs. Total no-brainer, dummy!

12” $8.00

Galactic Cannibal “We’re Fucked” LP

Debut release from this Wisconsin powerhouse. Described as a pop-punk band with the vocal stylings of Man Is The Bastard. BROOTAL!! Featuring members of Direct Hit!

12” $8.00

Hard Feelings “Swell” LP

This is the first full length by our long time friends “Hard Feelings”, from Duluth MN. Split release with Starcleaner and Plan-it-X.  You can hear it first, by clicking ...here

12” $8.00

Abolitionist “The Growing Disconnect” LP

Here’s the second Abolitionist full length! As heard on the timeless and legendary “Box of Sand” tape/CD comp, our friends from Portland. have absolutely out-did themselves. Split release with: Hahaha Cool, Different Kitchen,1859, Sex Sheets, and Tour Van!!

12” $8.00


Eight loud songs on CD. Loud. Can be listened to here

CD: $4.00


CDs: $10.00

Holiday “S/T” 7”

New band. New 7”. Holiday is a UK band which brings to mind The Tone and Stay Clean Jolene. Totally catchy. After much delay, this is available now.

7” $4.00

Braver “Stay Busy” LP

Braver are weird. They do weird stuff. Buy this weird album.

Mixed color vinyl. You will get the rare color.

12” $8.00

Dead Uncles “Stock Characters” LP

Dead Uncles are no more but they left behind this fucking gem. Amazing diy pop-punk. Multi-label split jobber. Get on it!

LP $8.00

Smooth Brain “One Of Them” 7”

Newest Smoof Brain record with six damn songs! Great lo-fi garage/pop. Out RIGHT NOW! Limited (first come, first serve) yellow or blue vinyl. Split with Dead Broke and Root Of Evil.
7” $4.00                         (specify which color n junk)
Baby Ghosts “Maybe Ghosts” LP

Second album from Provo, UT’s best garage-tinged twee-pop-punk band. Pretty much the best thing ever!!! Seriously. First come, first serve on the color variants. Buy this now!

12” $10.00

Dingus “Who Cares” LP

Dingus made a new album, and it’s really good. Fun and meaningful stories from the devastating Minneapolis trio, third full length and for the first time on vinyl. Heck of a record. Split release with Bloated Kat and Smellhound.

12” $8.00 (random color vinyl)

Indonesian Junk “Crimes” 7” Single

New blast of powerpop freshness. Coming soon to 45 RPM. Split release with Some Weird Sin, featuring Dan from The Daniel James Gang.

7” $4.00


Here’s the MEGAFRITZ demo, low fi pop rock punk/garage/doom metal wannabe radness. Tape and jewel case CD (There are exclusive bonus tracks on each format)

CD: $4.00

TAPE: $4.00